Pubic hair styles

pubic hair

Why should you shave your pubic hair and be willing to do so? Is it for more sex attraction? Well it's not just all about sex; it’s about your image as well. It is also important that pubic hair removal is useful for better hygiene. Shaving off all that pubic hair will actually contribute to better hygiene down there. Silky smooth balls invite both manual and oral affection.

Nowadays the pubic hair styles are becoming as important as clothes style and/or hair style. If you take care of it, the pubic hair style becomes part of your personality and your body style. It is a way of expressing yourself that makes you feel daring and just a little bit secretive.

The pubic hair styles can be done in many different ways. In last century most women were happy with letting pubic hair just grow free. Nowadays more people want to add a little spice to an area that was rarely even talked about. Some of the more main stream pubic hair shaven styles out there are the Landing strip, heart shape and triangle patch. Besides that, there are many others less main stream shaved pubic hair styles that are out there like the lightning bolt, diamond shape, or any other shape that you can imagine.


Most popular pubic hair styles

pubic hair styles

Basic Bikini Design

Removes hair from sides and top of undies line.

pubic hair styles "Brazilian" Design

As per Basic Bikini, but also removes hair from the labia, perineum, and bum crack.
pubic hair styles "Rising Sun" Design

An eye-catching design based on the Basic 3X. Ideal for girls with straight pubic hair, especially dense Asian hair, as the shape sits very naturally.
pubic hair styles Wax + Bleach Design

Available with any 3X Brazilian style. Resultant colour may vary between dark bronze and light blonde depending on your hair's natural pigmentation.
pubic hair styles

"Landing Strip" Design

Take everything off but a narrow strip of hair. Traditionally the same width as your natural fold, this is a very popular style.

pubic hair styles

"Tear Drop" Design

A cute and fun alternative to the usual landing strip. Another popular style.

pubic hair

4X "Brazilian" Design

Everything off. Ultra smooth.


How to shave pubic hair

Pubic hair styles Step 1 - Trim your hair before shaving anything

This can save a lot of time and frustration, you won’t believe how harder it is with the pubes at natural length, the razor blade clogs up easily, and irritations appear more often. Use electric hair trimmers or scissors; you may need at one point to pull your hair to cut it.

Pubic hair styles Step 2 - Take a warm bath or put a warm towel on that area

Warm temperatures open the pores, making shaving easier.

Pubic hair styles Step 3 - Apply shaving cream to the area you plan to shave

Choose the right kind of cream, because you may be allergic to some ingredients, the best advice would be to buy shaving cream for sensitive skin. And please don’t use soap, soap is not good for your friend.

Pubic hair styles Step 4 - Shave

Shave to the same direction the hair grows, and don’t go over and over the same area, at most 3 strokes should do the work. More than this translates into irritation and razor bumps. You may need to stretch the skin for difficult spots. Shave once a week first, to let your skin get used to this.

Pubic hair styles Step 5 - Use exfoliation sponges to clean

After shaving any dead cells must be removed from your skin

Pubic hair styles Step 6 - Moisturize

This is the final step. I would recommend using baby oil or aloe vera, but other moisturizers should work for you.


Pubic hair styles -TIPS

  • Keep all products on the outside of your body only. And avoid shaving during your period, as skin is more sensitive.
  • If you are taking off most of your hair, a small mirror can help you see better.
  • Shaving while taking a shower, rather than a bath can make things easier because you can prop up legs on side of stall.
  • If you're daring, you can create your pubic hair design at home.
  • Shaving only takes hair even with the skin, waxing will keep hair away weeks at a time.
  • Some people experience moderate to intense itching the first couple of days after shaving as the pubic hair grows back. Try your first shave on a weekend.

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pubic hair pubic hair styles

  pubic hair styles